What Human Resources Does

The UT Foundation Office of Human Resources (UTFI HR) is primarily responsible for strategic planning, designing, developing, marketing and implementation of all aspects of business related policies, practices and services of the workforce needs of the Foundation. The office works to support the Foundation as a business to meet personnel operational needs/activities, Vice Chancellors and unit managers/supervisors to assist in carrying out their responsibilities related to personnel matters and, in support of staff for their individual needs as employees.

Below is listed the “what” managed through the office however, is not an all-inclusive list of “how” steps to implementation.

Talent Acquisition


Affirmative Action – provide information for annual review with independent party to evaluate fair employment activities and compensation practices, development of and implementation actions to address any deficiencies

Searches – manage charge meetings, create and supply rating sheets, provide announcements, mange process to post/close out position requisition, review of applicants, background checks, advise on advertising avenues and place advertisements, liaison with OED for equitable search management

Onboarding – provide checklists with information on how the unit can transition in new hire, welcome emails, arrange or support training (ANDI, IRIS, Time Entry), newsletter content, photos, UTFI orientation

Data Analysis – evaluate lifecycle from review of a new job posting to acceptance of an offer – implement steps to improve process impact and time


Performance Management


Rewards/Engagement – manage & implement rewards or engagement activities/programs currently including Spot bonus, Foundation Honor Roll, Way-to-Go!, topic of the quarter, employee surveys & response to results

Introductory Reviews – manage process of documenting performance and progression/retention of staff in introductory period

Annual Reviews – manage process of documenting performance and progression/development/retention of staff in given performance year

Professional Development Resources – support and provide resources used to meet staff development/improvement needs


Compensation and Benefits


Benefits – insurance liaison, FML, sick leave bank, leave types, status of employees-active/inactive, fee waivers

Unemployment Claims – respond to claims/provide documentation as needed

Payroll Resolutions & Changes – assist staff to identify and correct any payroll issues, provide annual master data to payroll for compensation changes as well as one-time changes

Offer Compensation Review – evaluate and provide initial/transitional offer amount for position

Market Study/Information – responsible to be up-to-date and implement fair/competitive compensation practice relative to market

Position Reviews/Evaluations – classification, cyclical evaluation, implementation of changes

Promotions – receive, review, implement & document any promotions/progressions

Retentions – work with unit in event of retention need based on external offer, evaluate factors in consideration of feasibility and compensation in retention situation

Workers Compensation and BOLS Reporting – report/investigate/document accidents, employee liaison with insurance provider, address safety issues, ensure resolution


General Operations


Employee Relations – coaching/investigations, provide/involve legal counsel as needed, document, manage & implement actions for resolution, write/finalize documents related to severance and memorandums of understanding

Exiting – manage exit process for transition to ensure pay/benefits appropriate, conduct exit interviews or collet data to identify and address areas of deficiencies or training needs

Files – maintain appropriate personnel files as well as documentation of activity in electronic format.

Legal & Compliance – protecting the company and employee through consideration and application of applicable laws and regulations

Policy/Guideline – develop, implement and update policies for operations and compliance with employment and/or laws

Safety/Emergency – information shared as warranted related to staff safety

Reporting – provide employee information to unit upon request including service, salary, performance ratings, etc.

Reduction-in-force – manage process based on unit need (legal considerations, notification and transition out of impacted staff)

Communication/Education – newsletter topics, information emails, website resource, response to inquiries to utfihr@utk.edu

Training – develop/provide internal procedural training and provide external resources of training related to all personnel subject matter

Website – create & manage content and information in support of efficient operations to meet workforce and employee needs


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