The UT Foundation has established a master service work agreement with Handbid ( for online auctions. Handbid is a PCI-compliant, mobile-friendly application that provides varying levels of service, from simple, asynchronous events to more expensive “Auction-in-a-Box” packages that include a livestream, production support for prepackaged media content, and a live auctioneer.

Responsibilities of the Host

NOTE: Before creating an account with Handbid, the unit that is hosting the event (Host) should first contact the UT Foundation business office at or 865-974-2115 to confirm the Host’s intended use falls under our agreement. Once approved, please submit the Handbid Event Notification Form to alert the UTFI Online Engagement Team and UTFI Alumni and Donor Records of the event.

  1. After confirming the project with the UTFI business office, the Host is responsible for creating a Handbid account and determining which level of service best addresses its particular needs. The Host is also responsible for administering the account and for building the online auction. Handbid provides all training, support, and documentation.
    • Recommendation: If possible, include a Handbid On-Site Staff member in your agreement. On-Site Staff support check-ins and registration, assist guests with Handbid setup and bidding, operate some of the basic software functions, and support checkout. This service comes at an additional cost but is recommended especially for a Host’s first Handbid event.
  2. Handbid provides ample promotional opportunities, so sponsorships can be an effective way to cover costs associated with the auction. In order to obtain approval, the Host must submit the UTFI Sponsorship Request Form. Also, notify UTFI Alumni and Donor Records ( of all sponsorships.
  3. Notify the UTFI Online Engagement team (, in order to associate the Handbid account with the UTFI Stripe account.
  4. Set a payment deadline of no more than 72 hours after the completion of the online auction.
  5. Notify UTFI Alumni and Donor Records at if the Handbid event close date changes for any reason.
  6. Promptly submit a daily transaction report (template) to UTFI Alumni and Donor Records ( each day that money is accepted via Handbid, splitting each transaction into gift credit amount and non-philanthropic (NP) amount.


  • Confirm beforehand the shipping status of all auction items. For example, note when an item (such as a bottle of wine or spirits) cannot be shipped across certain state lines.
  • Prepare as much as possible for the shipment of items before the auction. Having a firm estimate of shipping costs and delivery times will help to expedite payment and provide a better donor experience.