ANDI Training

The ANDI database is a collection of all we know about friends and donors to The University of Tennessee. Friends and donors include alumni, faculty & staff, students, parents, friends, corporations, foundations and a variety of organizations. We can use this collection of information to look up biographic details about a person or organization (called an entity); create reports about giving or locations; and track progress of prospects toward a gift.

Learning to use these data properly and effectively is what ANDI Training is all about.

What is the Goal for Training?
Our training goal is to assist alumni and development staff in making this vast amount of information work for them—how to look at progress in a campaign, how to manage work, how to see if a prospect is moving along toward realization of a gift, and more.

Using the data effectively involves the techniques, or procedures, of accessing the data and the reasons, or policies, for doing work in particular ways.

Who Needs ANDI Training?
Any staff member involved in looking at data in ANDI must be trained to use the system properly.

How Do I Get Trained?
ANDI Training works in two ways: organized group classes and individual sessions. Group classes are organized when a global training need comes up, for example, when a new report is available or there is a major upgrade to the data system. Sign ups will be available online and an email will go out to all staff inviting them to participate in training.

Individual sessions are often used to teach new employees the procedures and policies for accessing the ANDI data, or to help experienced users clarify a method of working with the data. Arrange individual sessions by calling the ANDI Help Desk at 865-974-4153 or emailing


Andrew Aslinger
Training Coordinator
1525 University Avenue, Office 102
Knoxville, TN 37921
(865) 974-4153