Stock Gifts

Stock Gift Processing: step by Step

  1. Send the attached form (also listed below) to your donor to begin the stock gift transfer.
  2. Email the following information:
    • Name of Donor
    • ANDI ID#
    • Stock transferred
    • Number of Shares
    • Account to Credit (preferably the specific allocation)
  3. You will receive a completed excel spreadsheet approximately 2 weeks after the Donor initiates the stock transfer.

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of publicly traded stock or other securities are received electronically by the UT Foundation through our broker, Merrill Lynch. The donor’s broker initiates the transfer from the donor’s account to the UT Foundation Merrill Lynch account. Stocks are liquidated by Merrill Lynch, and gifts are credited to the donor’s account when the stock proceeds are received. A receipt will be issued by the UT Foundation Gift Records department when the gift is posted.

1. Please instruct the donor to provide the following information to the broker for gifts of securities to the UT Foundation:

  1. DTC Number: 8862
  2. UTF Merrill Lynch account number: 566-04333
  3. Foundation Tax ID #: 62-1844686
  4. Contact at Merrill Lynch: Steve Norris or Melinda Rogers, 865-521-8855

2. Please obtain from the donor:

  1. Name of the security and number of shares to be transferred
  2. Purpose of the gift

3.  Email the following information to and Lisa Taylor (

  1. Donor’s name(s) and ANDI (donor) ID# if available
  2. Address or other contact information that needs to be updated, if applicable
  3. Name of security and number of shares to be transferred
  4. Purpose of gift (preferably the specific account name or allocation)

4. Important: The date of gift is the date the securities are received in UTFI’s account, not the date the securities leave the donor’s account. Stock transfers can take at least 24 hours and often as much as 72 hours to complete (in the case of transfers from Fidelity the time frame can extend up to ten days). Please ensure that the donor is aware of the time lag.


General requests and information


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Chief Financial Officer

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Director of Accounting

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Senior Financial Specialist

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Purchasing and Contracts Coordinator