In order to utilize current talent and allow an opportunity to current staff who may have interest in a vacancy, the opportunity may be shared internally to UTFI staff for a minimum of 7 days. If a current staff member is identified to fill the need, the person will be reassigned. The resulting vacancy will be posted externally. If the internal opportunity does not realize an internal staff to be reassigned, the vacancy will be opened as a regular search.


Requests for reassignment should be made through an Action Request Form submitted to UTFI Office of Human Resources.

A vacant position will be shared with internal staff of UTFI for a minimum of 7 days. Staff must inform current supervisor of plans/desire to apply. With permission, staff may make their interest known by following steps as directed in the announcement.

Supervisor of vacant position will evaluate all applicant information and make a selection of a staff to be reassigned. Supervisor of vacant position must have conversation with current supervisor of staff to discuss opportunity and strategic impact on the unit. No staff member should be approached directly about any opportunity until current supervisor has been contacted and agrees to the reassignment.

When both supervisors have agreed to reassignment, the hiring supervisor should submit to UTFI Human Resources a memo with signatures of both supervisors (vacant position and unit staff is being transferred from). The memo should include the new requested salary and effective start date. The start date will allow proper notice to current department.

UTFI HR will implement changes and provide proper notification to the staff. If an internal staff is not identified, UTFI HR will manage an external search through the regular search process.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Action Request Form, unit approval of action and budget (email or memo)

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