How Do I? – Prospect Maintenance

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This guide goes over the various prospect maintenance features available in ANDI. Development staff are responsible for managing their prospects and portfolios.

Requesting a Prospect Record and Prospect Assignment

1. Prospect record and assignment information can be viewed on the entity record. On the entity overview, scroll down to the section titled “Prospect Summary”. If this section is blank – indicated by a (0) in the section header – this means that there is not currently a prospect record for this entity. If there is a grey box under this section, there is an existing prospect record. You can determine if the prospect is currently assigned if there is a name listed next to “Primary”.

2. To request the creation of a prospect record or assignment to an existing prospect record, select the “Add/remove assignment request” hyperlink at the top of the entity record.

3. Select the “Add additional information to your Prospect Assignment request” to provide further details.

4. In the “Description” box, provide information about your request.
a. Indicate whether you are requesting primary or secondary assignment. If another development officer needs to be added or removed from assignment to the prospect, include that information as well.

5. After entering the information, select “Save”.

6. You can monitor your requests from your ANDI homepage. Scroll down to the “My Assignment Requests” section. Your pending assignment requests will display here. Once the request disappears from the list, it has been completed.

Prospect Maintenance

Development Officers can remove prospects from their portfolio and update prospect stages using the prospect maintenance feature.

1. On the ANDI home page, select “Prospect Maintenance” from the left menu.

2. This list includes all of your assigned prospects. You can sort the list by clicking on the blue column titles. You can access the actual prospect record by clicking the grey box to the left of the prospect’s name.

3. To select a prospect, click on the row with the prospect’s name. The row will be highlighted in grey once you select it.

4. At the bottom of the list is box where you can inactivate your prospect assignment and change the prospect’s stage. You will only be permitted to make stage changes to prospects where you are the primary assignment.

  • To inactivate your assignment and remove the prospect from your portfolio, unselect the Active check box.
  • To change the stage, select the new stage from the drop down menu.
  • Hit “Save” in the Prospect List menu to complete the changes.