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As a UT leased employee, you may be eligible to participate in UT benefits programs. The benefits and retirement services site for active employees will show what, when and who is eligible depending on employment status. Please contact UTFI HR if you have questions regarding benefits. We ensure the benefits applicable to Foundation staff are administered and documented appropriately as each campus may dictate. Refer to procedures for some common benefit practices.

Change in Status

Need to change your address, view your pay statement or leave balances? Visit the Employee Self Service site to see the capabilities.


You may also be eligible for some perks. See UT Discounts for a complete list.


Operational policies are independent of UT. View current policies.


Procedures for common situations such as Family Medical Leave, Court Leave and Workers’ Compensation may vary for each campus. It is important to know what to do. See information here about steps to follow in these and other situations.

Court Leave

Step 1. Notification

Upon receipt of request to serve or appear as a witness, notify supervisor and attach copy to time sheet.

Step 2. Service

First day of jury duty service request statement that shows hours of service for each day. Provide notice to supervisor next work day.

Step 3. Record Keeping

List absences as CL1 on your time for appropriate dates


FML Leave

Step 1. Request

Submit completed FML request form to UTFI HR at least 30 days prior to leave. If need is immediate, the department/unit should submit the completed form. If leave is to be intermittent, note on form.

Step 2. Certification

Submit the medical certification to medical provider for completion. Provider will return to UT system coordinator. Provider should note if leave is intermittent or continual.

Step 3. Record Keeping

Notification of approved FML will be sent to employee. FML leave will be recorded in addition to sick or annual leave taken for time record keeping.

Step 4. Return to Work

Employee must provide a return-to-work statement to UTFI HR on or before the first day back to work. If accommodations are necessary, UTFI HR must have reasonable time to ensure those are in place prior to your return to work.

Forms: FML Request Form, FML Medical Certification Form


Fee Waivers

Step 1. Fee Waiver Initiation

Once accepted for enrollment, you can take advantage of the tuition discount. At least 20 days prior to class beginning, submit the completed fee waiver by scan to for processing.
For any campus outside of UT Knoxville, you must submit a fee waiver request every semester for the discount to be applied. UT Knoxville only requires one fee waiver during enrollment.

Step 2. Completed Form

You will receive the fee waiver via campus mail if located in Knoxville. You will receive by USPS mail for areas outside of Knoxville. The completed form should be turned in to the campus Bursar’s Office of enrollment at the beginning of the semester.

Step 3. Taxes

Employees are eligible to take graduate classes. For graduate level classes, taxes charged for tuition may be eligible to be waived for classes that are job related. The Job Related Tuition Waiver may be completed and turned in to the payroll office each semester.

Forms: Knoxville Area and UTM Employee Fee Waiver Forms, UTHSC Employee Fee Waiver Forms,  Dependent Fee Waiver Form, Job Related Tuition Tax Waiver Form


Separation from UTFI

Step 1. Notification

Bi-weekly employees must give a minimum of two weeks written notice of resignation from their position. Exempt employees must give a minimum of 4 weeks written notice of resignation from their position. The supervisor is responsible to accept the resignation and notify UTFI HR as soon as notice is received.

Step 2. Process out

Upon receipt of resignation, UTFI HR will contact staff with appropriate steps to check out of UTFI. Be sure to provide a forwarding address if moving from the area.

Step 3. Final day

We like to know how we can improve. All employees are encouraged to complete an exit interview and submit to UTFI HR or participate in-person for an interview.


On-the-Job Injuries

Step 1. Notification & Care

Seek emergency medical attention if needed. Emergency and non-emergency issues should be reported to UTFI HR as soon as possible. Minor first aid injuries don’t need to be reported. i.e. paper cut, minor finger smash in file drawer. UTFI HR will work to complete and submit the report of injury to the insurance carrier.

Step 2. Treatment

The insurance carrier will provide a list of covered medical providers for treatment as needed. Treatment needed must be provided by a covered provider or emergency room as warranted for the Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Step 3. Record Keeping

With assistance of UTFI HR, complete the first report of injury form and include a witness statement if applicable. Return completed form and statement to UTFI HR within two business days. If days off are required, contact UTFI HR for instructions on how to document.

Step 4. Return to Work

Employee must provide a return-to-work statement to UTFI HR on or before the first day back to work if days out are required. If accommodations are necessary, UTFI HR must have reasonable time to ensure those are in place prior to your return to work.


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