HR Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I change my personal information like name or address?
Visit the Employee Self Service (ESS) to make changes.

How do I change my payroll direct deposit?
For any revisions to payroll direct deposits, a form must be completed and submitted along with documentation of your account and routing number. Account information may be obtained from your financial institution (on-line account print out or on letter head from the bank) or, provided in the form of a blank check.  You may change your banking information at any time.  If you have further questions or need a change form please contact us at

When can I change my insurance?
You can change your insurance during annual enrollment transfer period held each year in the fall. Changes are effective January 1 of the following year. Life changing events are also eligible situations to make changes. See more details on group insurance.

What do I do if I am injured on-the-job?
Seek emergency medical attention if needed. Emergency and non-emergency issues should be reported to UTFI HR as soon as possible. Minor first aid injuries don’t need to be reported. UTFI HR will work to complete and submit the report of injury to the insurance carrier.

When do I turn in my time sheet?
Each exempt employee will record leave (annual, sick, etc.) no later than the 5th of each month for the previous month. Each non-exempt employee will record leave no later than the deadlines set by the University Payroll Office. Check with your supervisor to learn how this process is managed for your area.

How do I add a newborn on my insurance?
If adding a baby it is important to take appropriate steps to make sure health coverage is added within 31 days of the birth. See more information at life-changing events.

How do I change my beneficiaries?
Beneficiaries can change as a result of life changing events. Keep beneficiaries up to date by contacting your provider or making the changes yourself on line. Further information may be found at life-changing events.

What is a leased employee?
UT Foundation, Inc. and the University of Tennessee are interdependent. Employees are hired by UT and leased to UTFI. UTFI staff are eligible to participate in the benefits offered by the University and are managed under operating policies of the Foundation.

Position change questions

What is the process to request a position reviewed?
At times duties of positions may change due to needs of the department. Reasons may include a vacancy not being replaced and a current employee taking on the additional responsibilities. Visit position reclassifications for more details.

What is a reassignment?
Current employees may be reassigned to vacant positions within UTFI without a formal search in order to fulfill the mission of the Foundation. Visit reassignment for more details on policy and procedures.

As a supervisor, how do I request a reorganization of duties in my unit?
Reorganizations are significant changes in the unit or area organizational reporting lines. These changes evolve from an operational business decision for more efficient use of resources. Visit reorganization for more details on the process.

Talent Acquisition

How do I hire a new or replacement employee?
Upon unit approval of budget you will document the need through a new or revised position description. You will submit request to UTFI HR for review along with an Action Request Form. If you don’t know what you need for budget talk to HR first so you can be informed to make a budget request. See talent acquisition for more details.

How long does a position have to be posted?
The minimum posting period is 7 calendar days.

Do I schedule my new employee for benefits orientation?
Depending on the campus, the recruitment office may schedule employees for orientation or UTFI HR will coordinate an orientation session for new staff.

How is UTFI orientation scheduled?
As part of the onboarding process, UTFI HR will coordinate with the supervisor to schedule the UTFI orientation.

Who schedules ANDI training and prospect review?
The UTFI HR office will schedule the ANDI training for new employees with the supervisor. Prospect management review is scheduled directly with the employee by a prospect management team member.


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