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Acquiring diverse talent will continue to have a positive impact on the University of Tennessee Foundation, Inc. (UTFI). It is the mission of UTFI HR to acquire the most qualified individuals for open positions. The Talent Acquisition process is guided by a commitment to diversity through equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Develop a committee


A diverse committee should be made up of people representing various backgrounds and areas of the organization. This may include staff from the university.


Posting the position


The vacant position must be posted a minimum of 7 calendar days. UTFI HR can provide you with a list of optional sources to post the position and include cost information. Some advertising is not optional as part of the Affirmative Action plan.

Notify UTFI HR if the announcement is listed/shared with individuals, listservs or other social media applications. All outreach efforts need to be documented for Affirmative Action reporting and review.

Not all additional sites are free. Be sure to verify costs since your account will be charged.


Determining candidate pools


Use the rating tools provided by UTFI HR or develop a method for consistent applicant review to select pools (primary, secondary, and non-selected). Provide any agenda or other related search documentation to UTFI HR for the search file.

Primary applicants are those who have to be invited on–campus for interviews.

Secondary are alternates who may be invited but do not have to be. Often these pools are created just in case the top candidates do not work out during the interviews.

The third group may be those who possess the qualifications but for reasons of evaluation are eliminated. List the non-selection reasons as you go through applications and provide those are part of your review for the search file.


Screening and Evaluation requirements


Develop one method to screen each applicant and determine pool (phone, off campus interviews). You must use the same evaluation method with all applicants to be equitable.

Develop consistent questions for screening to ask each so that information is comparable. Avoid questions and conversations around race, religion, gender, disability, or age. Provide any search questions or evaluations to HR for the search file.

Skype is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. If Skype or a webinar style interview is used for one candidate, then it must be used it for all candidates.


Requesting on campus interview permission


Present to UTFI HR strengths and/or weaknesses of primary and secondary pools of those you will invite (primary) or possibly may invite (secondary). Allow at least 2 business days for Office of Equity and Diversity to provide approval.

UTFI HR may have additional questions regarding any self-identified minorities. The more information about all candidates that the committee provides at the onset of interview request the faster the process will move.

There must be no less than two candidates in your primary pool. You are not required to have a secondary pool. The secondary pool is reserved in case applicants from the primary pool do not advance. UTFI HR will let you know when approval is received so you can schedule and conduct consistent interviews of primary applicants. Once you get approval for your pool(s), you are required to invite and interview the primary pool on campus. It is highly advisable to develop an agenda and questions in advance. UTFI HR can assist with this process if desired.


Making a verbal offer


UTFI HR will gladly review applicant qualities in advance so that you are prepared with offer ranges. This step can be done earlier in the process if you have a minimal number of candidates. Check references during this time. Reference checks are not a required step but a strongly advised step.

Once the compensation amount is approved, the candidate may be approached with an intent to offer. No offer is official until background clearance is secured and the official offer has been extended by the University. Notify UFTI HR after you contact the candidate with a verbal contingency offer so a background check can be initiated. An email will be generated to the applicant requesting additional background information. Be prepared to provide a start date, office address, and office phone number so the offer letter may be generated to go through the approval process. The background check will take 3-5 business days (sometimes less, sometimes more) to clear. The approval process for the offer letter will take about the same amount of time as a background check. UTFI HR will notify you of clearance and when the offer officially goes out. UTFI HR will notify you when the candidate has officially accepted the offer.


Ending the search


The committee chair is responsible for making sure that UTFI HR has all of the non-selection reasons and information related to the entire search process. This includes agendas, interview questions and/or any rating sheets used for the process to document the search.

In addition to the non-selection reasons, the committee chair is responsible to provide the required reference check information to UTFI HR at the conclusion of the search.


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