How Do I? – Event Entry

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An event is defined as a one-time occurrence hosted by UT with alumni/friend attendees. Examples of events include tailgates, dinners, receptions, galas, etc.

There are two ways to add attendees to an event: mass upload or individually. For mass uploads, a clipboard must first be created.

Creating a New Event

1. Choose “Add Event” from the Wuick Links section of the ANDI Homepage.

2. Enter each required field. None of this information can be changed after saving. Other fields are optional.

  • Event Name
  • Event Type
  • Event Status
  • Start Date (Date of Event)

3. After saving, it is recommended to record the event and name and event ID for searching later.

TIP: Preface your event name with your campus and event year for search purposes. Example: “UTK 2017 Campus Event”

Adding Attendees

See Also: Creating a Clipboard

Once the event is created, adding attendees through mass registration is best for events with multiple attendees.

1. Choose “Mass Registration” from the event detail nav-tree.

2. Choose “Get Saved ID List” if your list isn’t already populated. Find your list and “Select.”

3. Click the first check box to select all.

4. Change the registration status to “Registered” and the participation status to “Participated.”

5. Click “Generate” and confirm.

To add attendees individually, choose “Registrations” on the event detail nav-tree. Choose “New” and add either the ANDI ID or the individual’s name (if they are not in ANDI) and “Save.”

TIP: It is recommended to add events after the event has occurred, only tracking confirmed attendees.

Recorded events can be accessed through the Lookups function of ANDI by changing the lookup template in the top drop-down menu to “Events” and searching by event name or event ID.