How Do I? – Entering a Proposal

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Proposals are used to track gift solicitations in ANDI. To enter a proposal and proposal assignments, follow these steps.

1. Go to the entity record where you would like to enter a proposal. In order to enter a proposal, there must be a prospect record. If there is not currently a prospect record, you can request one by selecting “Add/remove assignment request” on the entity record.

2. Access the prospect record from the entity record by clicking on the prospect name.

3. From the left-hand menu, select “Proposal Entry”.

4. Enter the required proposal details. Under “Assignment”, select the name of the staff receiving primary assignment.

  • For “In Preparation” proposals, remove the “Start Date” and enter an “Expected Date” instead.
  • If the gift is split between multiple units, make sure to provide details in the “Description” box. This should include specifics about which units are a part of the proposal and how the overall ask amount will be split between the units.

5. Under “Assignment”, select the name of the staff receiving primary assignment.

6. Select “Save”.

7. If there are multiple staff assigned to the proposal, additional assignments can be added by selecting “Assignments” from the left menu. From the Assignments screen, select “New” from the Proposal Assignments bar. Enter the staff’s name and assignment type. Select “Save”. Repeat for all assigned staff members.

8. Proposal details can be reviewed by selected “Overview” from the left menu.