Acquisition Process

Talent Acquisition and appointment processes vary depending upon the category of the new/vacant position. A member of the UTFI HR staff is available to assist and provide guidance throughout the process.

Requests for new or existing positions should be made through submission of the Action Request Form. The following information will be required:

  • Unit approval and budget confirmation for the position, new or replacement (e.g., position salary and benefits);
  • Position description (PD);
  • Talent Acquisition needs (advertising needs)
  • Search committee members; and,
  • Any other information deemed appropriate.

UTFI HR will review submission, evaluate and classify the position as warranted, notify the unit of the results and share a draft position announcement. Upon receipt of the final announcement, UTFI HR works with UT Office of Equity & Diversity (OED) and UT Recruitment Office to post the vacancy. Announcements are posted online through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and in print media that specialize in diverse Talent Acquisition.

Exempt searches require a search committee. UTFI HR will conduct an initial charge meeting prior to the vacancy posting with the committee or search chair. The charge outlines the expectations and actions of a fair and equitable search process.

Candidates submit applications electronically and can include other documents (i.e. cover letter, resume, references, etc.) that the candidate wishes to submit or that have been requested by the hiring unit. Applicant information will be shared electronically allowing for quicker receipt and review.

Refer to UTFI Policy 7.13, Talent Acquisition.


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